Are you an oenophile? Do Greek gods and Roman ruins tickle your fancy? Or are you determined to stick to your workout routine even while on vacation? If you answered yes to any of these questions (and so many more we could ask), then our Themed Cruises might be a perfect fit for you.

What are Themed Cruises?

First, let’s dispel any concerns you might be having. If the phrase “themed cruises” conjured up visions of people dressed like super heroes or fantasy princesses, let them go. While that’s certainly one type of themed cruise, and might also be up your alley, we know that people aren’t always so one-dimensional. You have lots of interests, and our Themed Cruises are designed specifically to highlight them. Let’s take a look, shall we?

 Wine-Themed Cruises

Wine Cruises from Small Ship Travel

From the time of the ancient Romans, wine and wine-making has played a significant role in the cultural landscape of Europe and the palates of wine-lovers the world over. From the champagnes and bordeauxs of France and the sherries of Spain to the ports of Portugal and the Rieslings of Germany, there is no better way to experience wine – red, white, sparkling and otherwise – than on a wine-themed river cruise. In addition to traveling to the areas where wine is made, passengers on a wine cruise will be treated to wine tastings, special wine pairings at dinner, and even wine-making classes at select wineries.

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Christmas Market-Themed Cruises

Christmas Market Cruises from Small Ship Travel

The spirit of Christmas truly comes alive at the Christmas Markets across Europe. City streets festooned with miles of lights, stalls with handmade and traditional gifts, a hot steaming cup of glühwein… there is no better way to celebrate the holiday season than on a Christmas Market cruise through Germany, Austria, Hungary and more.

Family-Themed Cruises

Family Cruises from Small Ship Travel

What’s better than having a life-altering experience? Sharing it with the entire family! Our Family Cruises are designed to speak to multiple generations at once. Engage young minds and spark their imaginations. Explore the wonders of the natural world. Go on an adventure they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. From the glory of the Galapagos islands to the exhilaration of an African safari, a small ship cruise can be fun for the whole family.

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Nature, Wildlife & Safari-Themed Cruises

Nature, Wildlife & Safari Cruises from Small Ship Travel

Nature and wildlife lovers rejoice. Our nature-themed cruises get you up close and personal with the wonders of the natural world, from elephants soaking in the sun to penguins trekking across the Antarctic ice, a nature-themed small ship cruise is a feast for the senses.

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Polar Expedition-Themed Cruises

Polar Expedition Cruises from Small Ship TravelDo you have a thrill-seeking Polar explorer inside just dying to get out? Then journey to the literal ends of the earth with a polar expedition cruise to the North Pole, Arctic regions and Antarctica. You’ll travel aboard reinforced ice breakers and expedition ships to the farthest reaches of the world… and your imagination.

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Health & Wellness-Themed Cruises

Health & Wellness Cruises from Small Ship Travel

Don’t let travel interrupt your physical fitness, mindful diet or the everyday routines you’ve adopted as part of a healthy lifestyle. Many of the small ship cruises offer amenities, programs and components to help you stay healthy and active while exploring the world. Some even have dedicated sports scientists and fitness instructors on board.

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Cruises en Español

Cruises in Spanish from Small Ship Travel

¿Habla español? No hay problema! Several departures in Europe feature a special Latin sensibility. Each includes a daily tour that features a Spanish-speaking guide. Cruise Managers are fluent in English as well as Spanish, and menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner are available in both languages. An exclusive bus for the Spanish-speaking tours is provided so guests can enjoy the beauty of this language uninterrupted.

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