A New Venture from a Trusted Professional You Know

As many of you know, I’ve recently been working on a not-so-small side project. That project would allow us to focus on an area of the business we have a particular affinity for and to fill a role we felt was needed in the industry, providing the same quality of product and service you’ve come to expect from me. It’s been a long time, but I’m pleased to announce the day has come.

Introducing SmallShipTravel.com, the premier website for researching, comparing and booking small ship cruises.

  • SEARCH the largest selection of small ship cruises available online.
  • COMPARE cruise lines, cruising styles, ship amenities, dates, rates, destinations, itineraries.
  • BOOK small ship cruises, travel related services, charters and more using the most comprehensive planning tool in the industry.
  • EARN rewards when you travel, refer friends, write reviews, share deals.
  • REDEEM rewards for travel, special services and amenities, discounts, upgrades, specialty items.

The most exciting part is our brand new Royal Loyals rewards program. This singularly unique program rewards you when you travel with SmallShipTravel, and even when you don’t, allowing you to earn cash and credit for referring friends, reviewing a cruise line or ship, sharing a daily deal via email or with your social networks… The opportunities are nearly endless.

You can learn more by logging on to www.smallshiptravel.com/RoyalLoyals. As a thank you for your continued patronage, we’ve given you credit for your past travels with us. This credit is good towards travel, trip-related services, and other discounts, upgrades and specialty items available from SmallShipTravel.com. Even better, you can begin redeeming it immediately. No waiting period, no fine print.  Please look for an email showing your account details.

If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect trip or looking for your next small ship cruising experience, SmallShipTravel.com can help you get there. It will be our pleasure to welcome you aboard!