A Piece of Greece, a Slice of Sicily & the Corinth Canal Piraeus Barcelona 2021
Greece, Spain
Discover Italy and Greece at their best, when towns and beaches are less crowded and the weather is just right for strolling historic ruins and admiring Greece’s 5,000-plus wildflowers. Feast your eyes on the smooth bone-white columns of Athens’ Parthenon, and the honeycombed spires of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. Inhale the heady aroma of wild rosemary and thyme mingled with fresh-baked guttiau bread in Cagliari, and the citrus tang of kumquat liqueur in Corfu. In Messina, watch as the bell tower clock’s bronze characters come to life, announcing noon with a lion’s fierce roar and a rooster’s loud crow. Spot bright pink flamingos stilt-walking the white salt flats in Trapani. Enjoy the swee sound of Argostoli’s street musicians playing kantades on mandolins.
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Tour Highlights

  • Find artifacts dating back to the Nuragic Age at Cagliari’s Museo Archeologico Nazionale
  • Look for the caretta-caretta turtles in the Argostoli harbor
  • Tour Old Town Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Transit the narrow, high-walled Corinth Canal, only accessible to small ships
  • Marvel at the hardworking 17th century windmills of Trapani and the salt marshes producing the Mediterranean’s signature colored salts
  • From Messina watch Mount Etna lazily smoking in the distance
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