Costa Rica, Panama
Puerto Caldera
Experience the full majesty of Costa Rica and Panama’s natural and man-made wonders on this 10- or 11-day Costa Rica and Panama Canal cruise. Wiggle your toes in Panama’s white-sand beaches and the black sands of Bahia Herradura. Explore rainforests and cloudforests that are bastions of biodiversity. Transit the Panama Canal, appreciating its incredible scale and triumph of engineering in a way those on mega-cruise ships never will.

Tour Highlights

• Learn insights from onboard presentations from a Costa Rican Naturalist the entire cruise

• Take a voyage that encompasses the entire region from the tropical dry forest to the tropical rainforest to bustling Panama City

• Witness the coastline beauty of Golfo Dulce’s rainforest flora and tropical creatures like monkeys and sloths

• Take an opportunity to view the plentiful marine life surrounding Isla Parida

• Be out on deck for daylight transit of the Panama Canal, one of the greatest feats of 20th century engineering

• Grab your camera for a walk through Manuel Antonio National Park looking for the variety of wildlife there and in Corcovado National Park, home of endangered Scarlet Macaws

• This cruise utilizes wet landings to get you up-close to natural wonders. Zodiacs, rugged inflatable boats, deliver you directly from the ship to the beach, where you will disembark directly in the water. More information on Wet  Landings can be found here
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