Aleutians & North Pacific Crossing Tokyo Seward 2021
Japan, United States
Guest lecturers enthrall you with tales of the Japanese islands Retrace the route of the Russian-American fur trade as you cross the Pacific and island-hop along the Aleutian archipelago, Rest your eyes on thrilling landscapes from ice-shrouded Kenai Fjords to the wild cliff- and cave-studded coastline of Miyako. Go beyond the tourist mainstream as you sample the fish market of Aomori and view World War II’s forgotten relics in Dutch Harbor. From Kodiak’s legendary brown bears to the quirky bohemian atmosphere of Homer, Hakodate’s star-shaped fort to Tokyo’s Michelin-starred restaurants, each day is a new and life-enriching adventure.

Tour Highlights

• Visit the Pratt Museum in Homer and find out how they are working to preserve the stories of the region

• See the great limestone caves and the tsunami-carved landscape of Jodogahama Beach in Miyako

• Go birding in Kushiro at the Kushiro Wetlands Observatory to see the endangered Japanese cranes

• Sportfish in Kodiak, home of six National Registered Historic Sites

• Spend idyllic days as you cruise the North Pacific

• Discover the WWII Museum in Dutch Harbor,the remote and scenic port that is home to over 600 bald eagles

• Extend your stay in Tokyo to experience a city of shopping, culture, cuisine, gardens and museums
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