Artists & Idols of Iberia Lisbon Barcelona 2021
Portugal, Spain
Gaze skyward at the endless azure expanse above Casablanca’s narrow, stone-walled alleys and discover how easy it is to imagine yourself in another time — be it apart by a century or a millennium. Inhale the rich, earthy aroma of new leather goods hanging above weathered flagstones in the Old Medina market. Sip fiery, dry and sweet flavors of Spanish sherries handcrafted in Cádiz, and learn why European nations spilled blood for centuries to control this precious commodity. Wander among the dizzying mosaic intricacies and golden grandeur of Seville’s Alcázar Palace. Stand in the place of coastal sentries as you scan the African horizon from the heights of upper Gibraltar. Explore the modest ity of Motril, a former economic powerhouse for sugar cane production, and Spanish rum and liquors.
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Tour Highlights

  • Explore Pablo Picasso’s hometown of Málaga and see his art at the museum
  • Overnight in Seville with more time to see the UNESCO sites there including the Old Town and Alcazar Palace
  • Sip the sweet flavors of handcrafted Spanish sherries in Cádiz
  • The full day stop in Casablanca allows for time in Marrakech exploring the medina, mosque and souks
  • Don’t miss the Gothic Quarter, and Antonio Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • See the Museum of Sugar and the 16th century Town Hall in Motril, the gateway to well-known Alhambra
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