Autumn Revelries on the French Riviera Civitavecchia Barcelona 2020
Italy, Spain
Wind Surf
Roll the dice, tap slot buttons or draw a hand in baccarat in Monte Carlo’s Casino Square. Stand unhurried or distracted before the white marble perfection of Michelangelo’s David in Florence. Linger among Salvador Dali’s most memorable and flamboyant works during an extended stay in the picturesque coastal Spanish town of Palamos. This weeklong autumn cruise explores Europe’s most popular Mediterranean destinations in November, long after most tourists return to work and school, leaving you and the locals with extra time and space to enjoy uncrowded galleries, museums, restaurants, and waterfront promenades. Wander the Papal Palace grounds and stand in silence beneath the Sistine Chapel’s seeping ceiling paintings.
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Tour Highlights

  • Discover Marseille’s signature bouillabaisse
  • Try not to miss Toulon’s Museum of Natural History with a surprising diversity of birds and animals
  • While in Palamos tour the Salvador Dali Museum
  • From Livorno head to Florence for the day, with its inspiring churches full of religious, historic and artistic significance
  • Enjoy a late evening in Monte Carlo’s Casino Square
  • See some of the most iconic cities of the Mediterranean like Rome, Florence, Nice, Barcelona, and Monte Carlo and relish late nights in Toulon Palamos, and Monte Carlo to enjoy dinner ashore if you wish
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