Black Sea Sights & Turkish Delights Piraeus 2021
Follow Jason and the Argonauts through the Black Sea on their quest for the Golden Fleece and find a magical world where lines blur between fact and fantasy. Listen as your onboard narrator shares tales of the Trojan Horse and the Battle of Gallipoli as you navigate the narrow Dardanelles between ancient Troy and the famous World War I battlefield. Discover Istanbul, the romantic city once known as Constantinople, with its radiant Blue Mosque and still-bustling Silk Road caravanserai dating to the 17th century. Explore ancient towns brimming with medieval churches, charming Ottoman villages where the gold of the realm is saffron, and cuisines as delicious as they are unfamiliar. In fact, theunexpected is your constant companion on this voyage to all 6 countries that border the Black Sea.
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Tour Highlights

  • Late night in Istanbul will afford time to see the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, the Grand Bazaar and find a delicious restaurant in Ortakoy
  • Tour UNESCO-listed Old Town in Nessebar
  • Constanta is your lovely gateway to Bucharest and Dracula’s Castle
  • Have your camera ready for the delightful architecture and street art of Batumi
  • From the top of Sinop Castle appreciate the panoramic views of the Black Sea
  • With a late night in Odessa there’ll be time to visit the famous beaches and the grand Primorsky Boulevard promenade and climb the Potemkin Stairs
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