Castles along The Rhine: Basel to Amsterdam 2020
Rhine River Cruises
France, Germany, Holland (Netherlands), Switzerland
S.S. Antoinette
Find inspiration in the romantic, soul-stirring beauty of the fabled Rhine.

Flowers tumble from baskets lining streets of half-timbered houses, and lights glint off quiet canals. A mighty river carries ships and cargo through a landscape shaped by time and history. The spires of medieval churches and castles appear around each bend in the river, and vineyards climb the verdant hillsides.

Cruise along the Rhine—Germany on one side, France on the other. Discover Alsace, whose dual French and German heritage has given it fabulous food and a winemaking tradition that goes back to the Romans. Marvel at castles that were once mighty fortresses and get an insider’s look at one of the only casles on the Rhine that has never been destroyed, Marksburg Castle.
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