Enchanting Greece & the Amalfi Coast Civitavecchia Piraeus 2021
Greece, Italy
Idyllic islands, charming cobbled villages, spectacular scenery, intriguing history. Capture the heart of the Mediterranean in a single cruise voyage. Each small harbor is especially suited for small cruise ship exploration. Enjoy the best of the region — from the ancient ruins of Sparta and Mystras to the pure indulgence of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Tour Highlights

• View the extensive collection of artifacts at the new Acropolis Museum in Athens
• Let your imagination go at the romantic ancient castles of Monemvasía 
• Relax with the locals on Ponza, where Romans vacation
• Discover how history reveals itself in Taormina's still used Greek Theater and its charming village streets
• Steeped in history, Rome must-sees include the Forum, the Colosseum, Piazza Navona and Vatican City
• Treat yourself to refeshing limoncello, made from the famous Sorrento lemons

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