Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise: Nuremberg to Budapest 2019
Austria, Germany, Hungary
If you’re looking to celebrate the holidays and welcome the New Year in incredible style, this special cruise is for you. You’ll sail through Germany, Austria and Hungary along the shimmering Danube and past incredible sights on this unique itinerary. Explore charming old-world villages and Gothic cathedrals, and escape the hurry and hassle of the holidays as you relax onboard a luxurious ship and cruise through the ravishing landscapes of the Danube.

On Christmas Eve, walk through the quiet medieval streets of Regensburg to the Gothic cathedral for Midnight Mass. As you pass through the magnificent doors, look up: You’ll see chalk marks invoking age-old blessings for all who enter. Liste to the harness bells chime as you ride through the serene Bavarian Forest in a horse-drawn wagon.
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