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An affair to remember

Let the romance of three beautiful countries sweep you off your feet. From Vietnam’s steamy north to Cambodia’s floating villages and on to Laos’ spiritual home of Luang Prabang; this Grand Indochina adventure allows you to embrace South East Asia, in the utmost luxury on board Scenic Spirit.

Spend 27 days unveiling the most magical sights, tastes and experiences. Marvel at the sheer magnificence of Halong Bay or the town of Hoi An – forever lost in time. Spoil yourself with incredible cuisine that can be found literally everywhere. Wander the astounding World Heritage-isted temples of Angkor Wat and Wat Phou.

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Grand Indochina & Luxury Mekong Hanoi to Luang Prabang 2019
River: Mekong River Cruises
Countries: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam
 Luang Prabang

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