Hidden Indonesia & Great Barrier Reef Expedition  Benoa (Denpasar) 2021
Natural splendors and architectural wonders beckon throughout this exceptional journey rich in expedition cruising excursions exclusive to small ports that very few other ships visit. This is small ship cruising at its best – remote islands teeming with wildlife and small villages with friendly locals. Observe Komodo dragons, wombats, koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies in their natural habitats at Komodo National Park near Loh Liang. Browse unique knit shawls and sample artisan-made nutmeg preserves among tiny shops and Portuguese colonial architecture in Ambon. Walk the gray stone battlements of Fort Belgica, the former protector of all nutmeg trade bound for Europe in the 1600s. Ride swift Zdiacs from the small port of Kokas to 35,000-year-old paintings and handprints throughout the caves and cliff walls of Andamata, globally recognized among the oldest human artwork on the planet.
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Tour Highlights

  • Check the Great Barrier Reef off your bucket list when you get to Cairns, the gateway to this beautiful area
  • Take a tour to see the giant lizards at Komodo National Park, a UNESCO site
  • Visit historic forts like Fort Belgica in Pulau Banda
  • Hold a koala on Thursday Island
  • Appreciate this truly remote expedition cruise
  • Discover the rare places few people ever visit in Ambon, Pulau Banda, Kokas, Thursday Island, and Lizard Island and learn about their cultures
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