Impressionist France Bordeaux Amsterdam 2021
France, Holland (Netherlands)
The French are known for their style and taste, and as you make your way from Bordeaux to Brittany, Normandy to Flanders, notice how each new vista appeals to an artist’s eye. Island fortresses exude a fairytale magic – the breathtaking abbey perched on Mont St. Michel, imposing St.-Malo filled with pirate lore, the Ville Close of Concarneau with its romantic drawbridges. Everywhere you look are scenes that beg to be captured on canvas, or perhaps already are – stunning La Rochelle built of luminous white limestone, Quimper’s gargoyle-embellished cathedral, Monet’s fabulous Japanese garden in Giverny, and Versailles, its gardens as magnificent as its gilded interior. History here escapes thebooks and leads you on a wild scavenger hunt.
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Tour Highlights

  • Overnight and visit beautiful Mont St. Michel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home of the famous local oysters of Cancale
  • Overnight in Rouen, a small ship charming medieval port and gateway to romantic Paris
  • Overnight in Bordeaux, a UNESCO site full of with 13th century cathedrals, 18th century palaces and aromatic wine
  • From small port Caen see the historic WWII Normandy beaches, the Pegasus Bridge and inspect the intricate work of the Bayeux Tapestry in Cherbourg
  • Taste a variety of spirits from Bordeaux wines to Honfleur cognac to Belgian Beer
  • Find UNESCO site Church of Our Lady of Victory in Lorient, another exclusive small ship port with delightful regional cuisine
  • Walk the streets of La Rochelle, said to be the most lovely and unspoiled port city of France
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