Jewels of Europe Amsterdam to Budapest 2019
Danube, Main, Rhine
Austria, Germany, Holland (Netherlands), Hungary, Liechtenstein, Slovakia
Scenic Crystal
Grand palaces and fairytale castles

A region steeped in the history of ancient trade routes, today the

rivers of the Rhine, Main and Danube meander through forested hillsides, idyllic vineyards and romantic towns.

Restored castles still stand watch from their position atop dramatic

hilltops, just as they did in the days of feudal knights and land barons. However, today the sites of ancient battles and medieval skirmishes have

been replaced by a tranquil countryside with thriving towns and villages. Elsewhere, romantic ruins echo with a timeless beauty and Gothic spires

rise out of the picturesque communities nestled along the river banks.

This is a journey that will take you throgh the Europe of your imagination,

full of wonder, recalling medieval jousts, cobbled streets and childhood fairytales while creating memories that will last a lifetime.
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