Jewels of Russia with Berlin & the Baltic States Moscow to Berlin 2019
Volga River Cruises
Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Switzerland
Draw open the old Iron Curtain

Some love Berlin for its modernity and its thriving culture, while others love it for its fascinating and dramatic history.

Of course, opinions on this intriguing city are not nearly as divided today as they have been in times past. Its fortunes have come full circle since it served as the capital of a newly unified Germany, or the centre of the Third Reich, or the standoff point between the East and West. Not only is it a terrific place to visit, it’s the perfect gateway for your trip to the equally intriguing Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and beyond that – mighty Russia itself. Once these cities and lands were hidden by the heavy veil of wat was then known as the Iron Curtain.
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