Kyoto & the Zen of Japan Cruise Tour Kobe Tokyo 2021
From the tranquil Zen beauty of Kinkakuji Temple to the vibrant blinking plasma screens and incessant press of pedestrians throughout Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, this 12-day cruise tour throughout Japan combines pristine natural beauty with contemporary and cosmopolitan contrasts. Nibble on freshly caught fish paired with salty soy sauce and fiery wasabi in Shimizu’s world-famous Fish Market. Meander among East Asian relics and prehistoric stone tools in Busan’s museums, ornate temples and royal tombs in Gyeongju, one of South Korea’s most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sip steamy green tea in the peaceful shade of chestnut trees near the scenic Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu City, or particpate in the ancient rituals of a formal tea ceremony.
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Tour Highlights

• From Shimizu view the artistic inspiration that is Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain

• With extra time to discover Kyoto’s sites, see Kinkakuji Castle, known as the Golden Pavilion and Nijo Castle, a UNESCO site with ornate wood carvings

• Discover the scenic beauty of Japan’s Inland Sea, where few ships go

• Visit the UNESCO site of Shingu, Kamikura-jinja Shrine, a part of the Sacred Sites of Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range  

• Highlights to find in Busan include Gyeongju, a UNESCO site and 1,500-year-old Tongdosa Temple

• Tour around Osaka’s landmark castle
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