Lake Como & Adriatic Romance Cruise Tour Venice Civitavecchia 2021 - 12 Days V1
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Indulge in rustic Italian cuisine, Roman relics and Baroque masterworks on a 11-day odyssey that combines a picturesque overland exploration of Lake Como and Venice with an extensive cruise through the Adriatic and along Italy’s west coast. Delve into the depths of delectable Northeast Italian wine vintages and savor Amarone’s cherry and cinnamon nuances in a cool, underground Valpolicella winery. Overnight provides time to float past Venice’s romantic arched bridges and ancient alleyways on a gondola ride. Dip a kayak blade in the clear waters near old harbor walls outside Dubrovnik. Sample homemade cheeses and sausages in a family-run olive grove near Kotor. Wander between restored mosaics broken columns and cracked pottery amid Pompeii’s storied ruins.
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Tour Highlights

  • Try a spritz in Venice, a traditional Venetian evening activity
  • Stroll the botanical gardens at Villa Carlotta including camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons
  • Discover the magic of Rovinj and its Old Town
  • Tour the Old City and medieval walls of Dubrovnik, UNESCO sites
  • Stroll the pedestrian-only streets of Kotor’s Old Town, a UNESCO site
  • Take in the stately manors and walled villas dotting the forested foothills of the Italian Alps when you overnight at Lake Como.
  • Sample rich and decadent Italian pasta dishes paired with picturesque lakeside vistas in Bellagio.
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