Irrawaddy River Cruises
Burma (Myanmar)
When all you want to do is cruise

Enjoy the perfect Irrawaddy River experience as you cruise in all-inclusive luxury on board Scenic Aura. Sit back and relax as a parade of incredible treasures slips by the window of your private Scenic Sun Lounge.

Myanmar is a country few have had the opportunity to visit. Take your time discovering all the earthly (and unearthly) delights that can be found sprinkled across this mystical land. Spend time in Sagaing mixing with local nuns and novices; cruise to the rarely visited town of Pakkoku to visit cheroot cigar and longyi home workshops, and stand agape at the sheer majesty of the Old Bagan temple complexes.

Or simply stay on board and make the mot of your beautiful cabin, fantastic dining and host of facilities.
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