Irrawaddy River Cruises
Burma (Myanmar)
The water road to Mandalay

Just like the immortal words of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, find your own story to write home about in this mystical land as you travel up Myanmar’s highway, the Irrawaddy River, to Mandalay.

Begin by exploring the ancient history of Bagan, once the capital of the thriving Burmese empire in the 11-13th centuries. Downstream, explore the British colonial history in Salay and Magwe before commencing your upstream journey to Mandalay.

Enjoy sitting back and watching the ever changing scenery pass by. Stop in Pakkoku, learn some traditional crafts and be immersed in the spiritual lives of the local nuns in Sagaing. Finally end your journey in Mandalay, the legendary ton so well known in literature.
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