Norway’s Famous Fjords  Copenhagen 2021 - 9 Days V2
More than a thousand fjords lace the west  coast of Norway, carved by glaciers and filled by the Norwegian Sea. One of the world’s natural wonders, Geirangerfjord and Signefjord are stunning from every angle—from the top of Lysefjord’s anvil-shaped Pulpit Rock, from the Flam Railway as it winds through the mountains and past waterfalls high above Aurlandsfjord, and from the fjords themselves as you cruise on Star Breeze. Tiny hill farms, half-timbered houses, and stave churches pass by, leading the way to the Art Nouveau architecture of Alesund, the colorful Hanseatic pier in Bergen, and sights too beautiful to imagine.

Tour Highlights

• Appreciate the majesty of 2,000-foot high Pulpit Rock

• Ride the famous Flam Railway

• Walk through Bergen’s Bryggen District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

• Be sure to be out on deck as you cruise Geirangerfjord, a top-rated UNESCO site

• Have your camera ready to take in the dramatic scenery and natural beauty of this region and the fjords in Stavanger, Flam and Geiranger

• Visit the Little Mermaid on your way to Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens
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