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Viking Longship Lofn

Behold Budapest’s grandeur. Witness Hungary’s daredevil Puszta horsemen. Visit a Croatian family’s Osijek home. View the Danube’s towering Iron Gate. Explore Belgrade’s Ottoman and European treasures, including 6th-century Kalemegdan Fortress. Make banitsa bread with a home cook in Vidin. See Bucharest’s 3,000-room Palace of Parliament. Once hidden behind the Iron Curtain, the eastern Danube still has secrets to reveal on this enriching cruisetour.

Passage to Eastern Europe Budapest to Bucharest 2020
River: Danube River Cruises
Countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia

Tour Highlights

Let us take you to the cities, towns and natural wonders of Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria.
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