Emerald Waterways
Emerald Liberté

Savour the pastoral charm and history of Provence with an 8-day Rhône river cruise from Nice to Lyon.

Travelling north, you’ll cut a course through lavender fields and wineries, visiting captivating destinations such as Arles, Avignon, and Chalon-Sur-Saône.

After a relaxing evening on-board the Emerald Liberté, Arles is your first stop, and here you can join a guided walking tour of the city’s Romanesque architecture, including a visit to the wonderfully preserved Roman Amphitheatre.

The culinary theme continues in Lyon, an ancient city recognised as the world capital of gastronomy. Tke a tour of the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere church, before visiting a local Bouchon Lyonnais to sample the best in decadent French fare.

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Sensations of Lyon and Provence Nice to Lyon 2019
Rivers: Rhône River Cruises, Saône River Cruises
Countries: France, Italy

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