Souks & Sherries: Iberia & Morocco Lisbon Barcelona 2021
Portugal, Spain
Discover unforgettable destinations overlooked by larger cruise lines during this 10-day Western Mediterranean cruise that visits historic landmarks and little-known spaces in Portugal, Spain, and Morocco. Wander warm sandy beaches near Portimao or board a small boat bound for caves and bronze- and umber-hued rock formations at the Alfanzina Grotto. Sip fino and oloroso sherries in a quiet cellar outside of Cádiz. Prepare traditional Moroccan flat bread for baking in a local oven during a Tangier cooking school lesson. Barter for handmade jewelry and handpainted ceramics in a crowded souk. Browse Pablo Picasso’s sculptures and obscure works and savor a Spanish sunset and evening tapas—best pired with spicy Grenacha and dark Tempranillo wines—during an overnight stay in Málaga.
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Tour Highlights

  • Overnight in Málaga with more time to explore Pablo Picasso’s hometown and see his art at the museum  
  • The long day stop in Casablanca allows for time in Marrakech to see the medina, mosque and souks The late night stay in Tangier will let you check out the Kasbah and UNESCO site Medina there
From Portimao, visit the ancient castle and cathedral of the Moorish capital of Silves and the Benagil Cave
Sip the sweet flavors of handcrafted Spanish sherries in Cádiz where another overnight affords more time to experience the natural beauty there at Sierra de Grazalema and Los Alcornocales National Parks
From Cartagena explore the ancient city of Murcia
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