Star Collector: Atlantic Crossing—Tapas, Tajines & Tempranillo Miami Barcelona 2021
Spain, United States
Arrive rested, refreshed and ready to explore the Iberian Peninsula during this 21-day transatlantic cruise combined with port stops in the Azores, Portugal,and Spain. Slip past the sloped, imposing walls of Castillo San Cristóbal on your way across the Atlantic. Relax and book spa appointments or reconnect with friends and family as you gradually acclimatize to time zones and arrive ready to explore Horta on the island of Faial among the Azores Archipelago. Explore the waterfront of Portimao, a small Portuguese fishing port with a thriving sardine industry. Indulge in the visual contrasts of Almería’s 500-year-old Gothic cathedral and the modern Neolithic exhibits housed inside the angular nd contemporary Museum of Almería.
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Tour Highlights

  • Discover the imaginative art on Horta’s jetty
  • Count the many stars overhead made visible during your ocean crossing
  • Explore the bustling waterfront of Portimao and see the Castle of Arade
  • Find Granada’s UNESCO sites – the Generalife Gardens and Alhambra Palace
  • Near Palma de Mallorca visit the Valldemossa monastery where Chopin spent a winter
  • Appreciate the panoramic view from the Rock of Gibraltar
  • Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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