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Revel in the year’s longest daylight hours while exploring ports and cities throughout the North Sea during a 3-week cruise. Set sail from Reykjavik, Iceland’s largest city and an epicenter for contemporary music. Meditate in the silent shadows of Kirkwall’s St. Magnus Cathedral, a community gathering space for nearly a thousand years. Stroll along the gray stone walls of Lerwick’s Fort Charlotte, which deterred a 1600s Dutch fleet despite being undergunned and incomplete. Kayak along Alesund’s archipelago as seabirds soaring against a background of towering Norwegian fjords. Inhale the maltedaromas brewing inside Dublin’s Guinness Brewery and then master the perfect pour.

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Countries: Iceland, United Kingdom (England)

Tour Highlights

  • Overnight in Bergen and walk the Hanseatic quay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Have your camera ready to photograph UNESCO site Hellesylt’s waterfall that divides the town
  • Discover the varied walks and footpaths of Ullapool, voted one of the United Kingdom’s top 10 outdoor destinations
  • Sightsee from among the 526 prehistoric sites of Pembrokeshire near Fishguard
  • Enjoy late night stays in Dublin and Belfast with time to peruse the charming pubs, shops, and cafés
  • Appreciate the iconic site of Cork’s St. Anne’s Church and Shandon Steeple where visitors can ring the church bells
  • Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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