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Listen for Edinburgh’s One-o’clock gun, the same one captains used to set their sailing ship clocks, then set sail for the Scottish fishing village of Ullapool, a highly regarded debarkation point for Highland wildlife enthusiasts, moorland backpackers and heathland naturalists. Raise an amber dram of whisky in a Glasgow distillery, chased by a pint of dark, stout ale inside Dublin’s Guinness Storehouse. Learn Welsh traditions in the tiny coastal village of Fishguard and discover seaweed-rich laverbread, meat-filled shepherd’s pies and cheesy Welsh rarebit. Wander the Tower of London and see te changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

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Countries: Portugal, United Kingdom (England)

Tour Highlights

• Tour the British Isles and off the beaten path ports along the northwest coast of Europe with only 2 days at sea

• From El Ferrol go to an important pilgrimage destination at Santiago de Compostela

• Enjoy late night stays in Belfast and Dublin

• Sip whisky and tour a Glasgow distillery and sample beer and chocolates in Bruges

• See the famous Bayeaux Tapestry and the Normandy beaches in Cherbourg

• Sightsee Pembrokeshire near Fishguard searching for one or more of the 526 prehistoric sites found there

• Walk the heathland footpaths of the Highlands in Ullapool

• Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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