The sugary, cinnamon sweetness of a doughy beavertail pastry overwhelms your taste buds as you stroll along the cobblestones throughout Old Montreal’s Parisian-themed shops, cafes and brasseries. Relax on a scenic horse-drawn carriage ride or savor buttery-rich lobster among Bar Harbor’s brightly painted boutiques and galleries. Amble along New York’s Central Park serpentine paths, or take in the skyline from a departing Staten Island Ferry bound for the Statue of Liberty. Sample regional wines from Long Island, Finger Lakes, and Hudson River Valley in a Manhattan wine shop. Brush the gray armor plating of USS Wisconsin’s imposing 16-inch guns on Virginia’s Elizabeth River, or admir more than 450 fragrant rose flowers at the Norfolk Botanical Garden.
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Tour Highlights

• Discover the East Coast of the United States and Canada with a variety of cultural, historical riches and the natural beauty of the fall foliage

• Take advantage of extra time to sightsee with overnights in energetic Quebec City and Baltimore

• Experience historic Charlottetown by a horse-drawn carriage and see the inspiration for Anne of Green Gables

• Transit Cape Cod Canal, part of the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway

• Bring out your camera to Samana’s protected natural area, Los Haitises National Park, home to two endemic mammal species

• Relax on the beach in Bimini, known as Ernest Hemingway’s favorite escape

• See San Juan’s UNESCO site of El Morrow Fortress

• Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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