Star Collector: Eclectic East Asia: Japan, the Philippines & Indonesia  Benoa (Denpasar) 2020
Spanning six seas from Japan to Indonesia, this voyage immerses you in ancient Asian culture, rich history, and tropical beauty. Enjoy modern Tokyo’s nod to its shogun past against the backdrop of majestic Mount Fuji. Sip sake in Kyoto, find the Golden Palace or hop on the Kobe Nunobiki Ropeway. Enjoy scenic cruising along Hashima Island and Japan’s Inland Sea, and relax with six days at sea. Visit hidden ports like Tomonoura, Amami Island, Lombok, Sandakan, and Yakushima, with ancient forests that are home to 7,000-year-old trees and snow monkeys. In Nagasaki, respectfully remember “Never Again” and discover the beauty of Okinawa. Experience Taiwanese culture in the markets of Taipei and isand hop, swim and snorkel in Hundred Islands National Park.
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Tour Highlights

  • Overnight in Kyoto with more time to see the Golden Palace, and try kaiseki dining and Kobe beef
  • Visit UNESCO site Komodo national Par, home to over 5,700 Komodo dragons
  • Take a boat trip down the Subterranean River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on Palawan and one of the 7 Wonders of Nature
  • Realize the scenic beauty of Japan’s Inland Sea, where few ships go
  • Shop Okinawa’s Kokusei Street and look for their world-famous ceramics
  • Sought-after snorkeling sites of Coron include Siete Pecados, the Twin Lagoons and Atuwayan Beach. 
  • See small hidden ports like Ende, Naze, Lembar, and Sandakan
  • Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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