Star Collector: Juxtapositions of Japan Hong Kong Osaka 2021
China, Japan
Hong Kong
Take a deep dive into Japan. On this 22-day adventure, you’ll discover how ancient traditions interplay with contemporary culture and witness centuries-old shrines next to towering skyscrapers. Explore the 16th century Osaka Castle and foliage of Takamatsu’s Ritsurin Garden. In Hiroshima, take in hope for world peace and don’t miss Okonomiyaki savory pancakes. Discover the Karatsu Castle on Kyushu Island and explore South Korea’s city of Busan boasting beautiful beaches and Gyeongju outdoor museum. Enjoy scenic cruising along Hashima Island and Japan’s Inland Sea, and slow down to enjoy a total of four days at sea. Explore the small hidden harbors of Amami Island,Tomonoura, and Yakushima with its ancient forests which are home to 7,000-year-old trees and snow monkeys.
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Tour Highlights

  • Discover the beauty of UNESCO site Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain, when you get to Shimizu
  • Honor both Hiroshima and Nagasaki and their response and recovery to the A-bomb
  • Realize the scenic beauty of Japan’s Inland Sea and Hashima Island, where few ships can go
  • Overnight in Kyoto with time to see the 16th century Osaka Castle, the city’s main historic landmark and the traditional wood houses of Kyoto
  • Stroll the ancient forests of Yakushima with ancient trees up to 7,000 years old and look for the snow monkeys
  • Find the small hidden harbors of Tomonoura, Yakushima, and Amami Island
  • Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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