Star Collector: Lovely Leewards  San Juan 2021 - 15 Days V1
Whether you’re passionate about swimming among rarely seen undersea wildlife or the intricate cultures and intertwined European histories of the Windward Islands, this 2-week cruise offers the best combinations of charm, island heritage and natural beauty. Shop unique designer apparel in St. Barts, where you’ll discover a fashionable confluence of high-end brands normally associated with places like Madison Avenue, but displayed in an ambiance that’s anything but intimidating. Stare in wonder at the glow from miniscule bioluminescent organisms stirred by your kayak paddle during a tour of the Fajardo Bio Bay nature reserve near San Juan. Master the art of cooking with distinct spices like numeg, cloves, and allspice in authentic Caribbean cuisine while taking direction from a highly-skilled native chef in Philipsburg.
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Tour Highlights

• Walk up Mount Pleasant with a spectacular view of Bequia's Admiral Bay

• Discover the imposing façade of El Morrow Fortress, a UNESCO site in San Juan

• Enjoy a relaxing beach day in St. Barts, long the haunt of the rich

• Visit the “Pompeii of the Caribbean” at Montserrat with its half-buried city

• Pick up tempting souvenirs at the pastel-colored buildings and shops of duty-free Philipsburg

• Enjoy the spice market and some of the best snorkeling around on Grenada, the Spice Island

• The Piton's two volcanic peaks, rising more than 2,400, feet welcome you to St. Lucia

• Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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