Star Collector: Pilgrimage to the Parthenon, Pyramids & Petra  Barcelona 2021
Greece, Spain
Start your pilgrimage in the ancient city of Athens with nearly 3,000 years of history that include the still-standing Acropolis and the Parthenon. Travel to Cyprus to see the Limassol Castle, Archaeological Museum, and award-winning Folk Art Museum. In Israel, overnight in Haifa and see Elijah’s Cave, or take an overland journey to Petra and the Dead Sea. Next, explore one of the most ancient cities in the world: Ashdod. Visit the Korin Maman Museum, climb 500 feet to Giv’at Yonah, or travel overland to experience Jerusalem. In Egypt’s Port Said, take a caliche (2-person horse carriage) through town to see the beautiful colonial architecture, or opt for a full day journey to the Pyramids ofGiza. In Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great, visit Pompey’s Pillar and the catacombs of Kom el-Shoqafa.
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Tour Highlights

  • Take the opportunity to go on an overland into Jerusalem from Ashdod
  • From Port Said take an overland to Cairo and the Egyptian Pyramids for a full day visit
  • Haifa is the gateway to an overland overnight to Petra and the Dead Sea
  • Discover the Minoan Knossos Palace on Crete
  • Late night in Corfu will afford plenty of time to tour Old Town Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Find artifacts dating back to the Nuragic Age at Cagliari’s Museo Archeologico Nazionale
  • Transit the narrow, high-walled Corinth Canal, only accessible to small ships
  • Pack light with complimentary daily laundry service
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