Star Collector: Pyramids, Parthenon & Jerusalem Walls  Piraeus 2020
Explore the most popular destinations throughout the eastern Mediterranean free of summertime crowds and searing heat during this 20-day autumn cruise to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, and Egypt. Set sail from Athens and make a brief transit to the other side of the Peloponnese peninsula via the Corinth Canal. Discover Greece and the origins of the Olympic Games outside Katakolon and walk along the training grounds used by the earliest athletes. Savor a memorable Turkish dinner and an evening concert among the shadowy ruins of the Celsus Library in Ephesus, an included Destination Discovery Event. Listen for the call to prayer from Istanbul’s minarets during an overnight stay. Walk Jerusale’s narrow streets and view holy sites.
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Tour Highlights

  • Transit the narrow Corinth Canal, a passage available only to small ships
  • Overnight in Istanbul for memorable visits Hagia Sophia, Chora Church, and the Solar Beach
  • Overnight inland from Haifa, your gateway to Petra and the Dead Sea when you add the Petra shore excursion
  • Have your camera ready as you cruise the scenic Dardanelles
  • From Port Said take a full day overland to Cairo and the Egyptian Pyramids
  • Find Pompeii’s Pillar on Alexandria’s acropolis, standing 99 feet tall since 297 A.D.
  • While in Ashdod, journey to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Old Jaffa
  • Pack light with complimentary free laundry service
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