Stars Over the Azores San Juan Lisbon 2020
This is a place where dreams really do come true. The place where nothing comes between you and your fondest wishes. Where no schedules intrude, where day-to-day annoyances can’t reach you, where every moment of every hour of every day is yours alone. This is your place – at sea under an open sky – the one place in which you truly can get away from it all. Simply step on board and we’ll take it from there. Meals so delicious they might be sinful are served when, where, and any way you choose. Decadent spa treatments. Lazy hours stretched out on deck. Workouts you’ve been meaning to get around to in the state-of-the-art Fitness Center. Uninterrupted time to spend with new friends or in exquiste solitude.
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Tour Highlights

• Enjoy the charming Azores port of Horta and look for the art on the jetty

• Rediscover how to relax with delightful days at sea to do as you please as you cross the Atlantic

• Find you have time for your favorite indulgences – from a relaxing massage to photography to breakfast in bed   

• Make new friendships with like-minded travelers Savor extraordinary cuisine

• Overnight in Lisbon with more time to see the ornate architecture and the Monastery of St. Jerome, a UNESCO site

• Drop by the Bridge for an impromptu navigation lesson

• Discover more stars overhead than you ever imagined
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