Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia
From the “Paris of the East” in Bucharest, Romania, to Germany’s capital city of Berlin, and the Czech Republic’s “Golden City” of Prague, this Danube River cruise is an odyssey of new discoveries to treasure. Begin in Bucharest for a tour of the capital’s boulevards, Arc de Triomphe, Royal Palace Square, and historic sites from a dramatic history. You’ll sail overnight to St. Gheorghe for an excursion to the Danube Delta at its entrance to the Black Sea. Join a small-boat guided tour of the delta’s environment, and enjoy the serene view of canals and marshes. Enjoy a special “Kilometer 0” celebration of the mighty Danube’s 2,845km journey from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

Sal through the Balkans and Budapest to Vienna and Austria, and to the exquisite city of Prague.
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