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For centuries, people have dreamed of linking the great rivers of Europe, making it possible to travel by water across the continent between the Black and North seas. Today that dream is a reality. Prepare for the cruise of a lifetime as you travel the length of Europe through nine nations, exploring wonders of the Old World and the New, the East and the West.

Sail the romantic Rhine, the serene Main and the captivating Danube, witnessing dazzling natural beauty and incomparable architectural feats. Visit no fewer than six capital cities (Amsterdam, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade an Bucharest) and a dozen towns and villages, with time to explore each.

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Ultimate European Journey: Amsterdam to Bucharest 2019
Rivers: Danube River Cruises, Main River Cruises, Rhine River Cruises
Countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Holland (Netherlands), Hungary, Romania, Serbia

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