Vineyards Of The Rhine & Moselle (Wine): Luxembourg Amsterdam 2020
Mosel/Moselle River Cruises, Rhine River Cruises
Holland (Netherlands), Luxembourg
7-night from Luxembourg to Amsterdam Bookend your travels with stays in two incredible cities rich with history and culture: Paris and Amsterdam. Drink in the beauty, history and flavor of the Rhine and Moselle river valleys’ iconic vineyards. Begin your journey in Parisian paradise, discovering the city’s iconic landmarks. Sip wines in the winemaking villages of Bernkastel, where you’ll learn the legend of the Bernkasteler Doctor, and Rüdesheim, where you can soar above the vineyards or hike through them. Head to Cologne for a taste of the city’s famous Kölsch beer and complete your journey with a gentle ride through Amsterdam’s legendary canals. Whatever you choose to do ashore, the storie you’re told and flavors that grace your palate will surely transform you.
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