Revel in seven days of surf, sand and sunsets during this leisurely cruise up and down the Caribbean’s Windward Islands. It’s a perfect vacation getaway for anyone craving a quick escape from life’s everyday obligations. Swim among sea turtles and glide above dazzling coral reefs with a highly skilled diving guide off the coast of Les Saintes’ volcanic shoreline. Stroll the weather-beaten parapets of the citadel of El Morro near San Juan, Puerto Rico and run your fingers along the stone scars left by Dutch invasions and American bombardments. Then clip into a zip line and hang on as moss-covered limbs and colorful wild birds rush by your head as you glide through St. Lucia’s rainforest canop. Vacation time is always well spent among the Windward Islands, but nothing makes it more perfect than the personalized attention and unique excursion opportunities offered by Windstar.
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Tour Highlights

• Walk up Mount Pleasant with a spectacular view of Bequia's Admiral Bay

• Shop for spices, especially nutmeg and cinnamon in St. George’s local markets

• See San Juan’s UNESCO site El Morrow Fortress

• Discover the underwater world of Les Saintes

• Enjoy some of the best snorkeling around in the deep blue waters of Guadeloupe

• The UNESCO site Piton's two volcanic peaks, rising more than 2,400 feet, welcome you to St. Lucia

• Shop the 100% duty free island of two nations, St. Maarten and St. Martin
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